This Robot Dog Is Enforcing Social Distancing at A Park

After orders to stay at home, Singapore’s citizens were finally able to take a step outside. Some people decided to visit the park, they were astonished to see Spot, the robot dog, walking around. Spot was reminding the park visitors to stay six feet apart and follow social distancing practices. Honestly I think that this … Continue reading This Robot Dog Is Enforcing Social Distancing at A Park

Amazon Is Using Another Way To Test Its Employees For COVID-19

Amazon has been using thermal cameras to check its employees for fever! 🤣 This is kinda genius, I bet not a lot of people would have thought of this. If an employee is feverish, they are then scanned for the Corona virus. This process not only speeds up scanning, but also limits contact between people!

Some Sort Of Mixed Rice

Featured Image: “Ahi Poke Bowls with Pineapple and Avocado: Recipe: Ahi Poke, Seafood Dinner, Poke Recipe.” Pinterest, Ingredients: Broccoli Carrots Onion Garlic/Garlic Powder Lemon Juice Avocado Rice Rice Vinegar Smoked Salmon Oil Ginger Roasted Sesame Seeds Salt Honey Teriyaki sauce Method: Boil water and salt for the rice. While bringing the water to a boil, … Continue reading Some Sort Of Mixed Rice

My Really Good Alfredo Recipe

Featured Image: O’Neal, Merle. “One-Tray Alfredo Pasta Recipe by Tasty.”, Tasty, 11 July 2017, Ingredients: Pasta of some sort A jar of Alfredo sauce Carrots Broccoli A lemon/Lemon Juice Onion Garlic/Garlic powder Oil Salt Method: While boiling water and salt for the pasta, oil a pan to saute the veggies. Depending on how many … Continue reading My Really Good Alfredo Recipe

Baby Nut?

Almost everyone has heard of Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian, but now the beloved Baby has some competition: Baby Nut. However, it seems like Baby Yoda fans don’t really like Baby Nut:


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