Can Everyone Stop Overreacting About The Corona!?

The Corona Virus (Kung Flu) Is literally just another version of the flu! Can some lab just create a mild version of it and turn it into a shot? Like it would be like a flu shot. Most of the people who die from it have weak immune systems, stop being sissies!!!!!!!!!! Its not a big deal, Its not like everyone is internally bleeding to death from Ebola! Its not even that bad you basically just have the Flu and then all the news people say your gonna die!!! Like jeez just stop it, quarantine all you want but you don’t have to say its “the deadliest disease”!

If you are running out of toilet paper, use the fricking shower you absolute fool! If you need hand sanitizer get some alcohol from a med kit or just some legit alcohol If you need a mask just grab you bra. Just go stock up on food and have fun on the internet!!!!!

Why cant everyone just be rational!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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