This New, Futuristic Sun Visor Will End Squinting!

Since the dawn of driving, there’s been an annoying constant: sun glare. Early motorists squinted and used gloved hands to block the sun’s blinding rays, at least until around 95 years ago, when some genius came up with the first sun visor. Almost a century later, modern cars are orders of magnitude more complex and capable, yet we still use that basic primitive board-on-a-hinge invention to avoid being blinded by the light. German supplier Bosch’s Virtual Visor may just be the high-tech solution that modern drivers need to cut through the glare. 

Paukert, Chris. “See How Bosch’s Futuristic AI-Powered LCD Sun Visor Will End Squinting.” Roadshow, CNET, 6 Jan. 2020,

This “Smart Visor” works by using a camera to track where your face is and even where you are looking. It uses this data to quickly process the required location of the shadow, and the size, this way you can avoid glare and be “hands free” at the same time!

Bosch has also mentioned that these visors are only a few years away from the market, which mean we won’t have to wait long for this new innovative technology. Yet, I have not found an estimated price for this product. However, if I do find it later I will post it in the comments.

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